Seminar with Sascha Keller, Freiburg im Breisgau

A few pictures taken during the seminar. And a review of the november seminar with Sascha could be found in the German section.

Sascha 2016Sascha 2016

Springcamp 2016, Marbach/Neckar

Impressions from the Springcamp 2016 (only German).

Springcamp2016 Springcamp 2016

Springcamp 2015, Marbach/Neckar

Only seven pictures from the seminar in Marbach 2015. My focus was put on training, not in fotography.

Springcamp 2015Springcamp 2015

Mitsuya-Kai Summit 2014, Palermo, Italy

A few training pictures and impressions from Sicily taken during the Mitsuya-Kai summit 2014 in Palermo, Italy. This was Soke Mitsuya's 10th invitation for the seminar and many participants from different countries came and attended.

Palermo 2014 Palermo 2014