Christian Manz

3. Dan Karate, 2. Dan Kobu-Do

I started my Shito-Ryu Karate training due to a newspaper announcement in the local press in 1987 under the guidance of Sensei Mimmo at the TSV Ludwigsburg. Approximately one year later I attended a seminar with Soke Hayashi. The softness, the precision of techniques which were demonstrated by Soke Hayashi really impressed me. This seminar affected me in a way, that it was totally clear for me: I want to train Karate for the rest of my life.

Christian Manz (rechts) zusammen mit Sensei Mimmo auf dem Sommercamp 2009 As my academic studies started I had to leave Ludwigsburg and so I took a break from Karate. My occupational career started in Freiburg, where I restarted my Karate training, this time in Shotokan style, because Freiburg didn't offer the opportunity to train Shito-Ryu Karate.

Little by little I became aware what treasure were conveyed by Sensei Mimmo and Soke Mitsuya. From 2000 on there was no other way for me, than to go back to my roots of Karate.

Since that time I drive frequently the 200km towards my old dojo in Ludwigsburg to train with Sensei Mimmo or visit the seminars of Soke Mitsuya. The chance to practise under these masters is a great development of my Karate skills with every hour I'll be there. Furthermore it enriches my life! Domo arigato gosaimashita!

In summer 2015 I decided to establish my own Karate section in an existing Budo-Club in Freiburg. But I'm still trying to implement the guidelines and to pass on the priciples which I've learned over the years from Soke, and deepened through Mimmo.

Several years I practised Tenshinsho Jigen Ryu Kobudo, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido, Combat-Arnis and Aikido. I hold more Dan-grades in Shotokan-Karate and in Iaido.

2014 auf dem Springcamp During a stay in Japan I had the opportunity to train under the guidance of Japanes masters of several styles. But nevertheless no one reached the elegance of Soke Hayashi and Soke Mitsuya. They will always enrich my Karate life.